Yiwu trade fair 2012 catalogue

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Yiwu trade fair 2012 catalogue
A new year 2012 is coming, so Yiwu trade fair opening again, here I give you a catalogue about Yiwu trade fair 2012.
1. Jan 14th -25th: Yiwu Happy lunar New Year goods fair.
2. Feb 15th: Yiwu New year talent communication fair
3. Mar 10th -12th: Yiwu advertising printing and packaging technology equipment exhibition
5. Apr 28th -30th: The 7th Yiwu consumer goods fair
6. Apr 22nd -24th: The 17th Yiwu real estate trade fair
7. Apr 28-30th: The ninth China international hardware &electrical expo
8. May 6th – 8th: The 7th Yiwu automobile exhibition
9. May 7th -9th: Yiwu light industry machinery equipment exhibition
10. May 7th- 9th: 1 Yiwu refrigeration and air conditioning, heating and air treatment equipment exhibition
11. May 7th -9th: The third Yiwu food and food processing packaging equipment exhibition
12. May 16th -18th: The 7th China Yiwu auto supplies parts exhibition
13. May 16th -18th: The sixth Yiwu motorcycle, recreational vehicles, electric cars, bicycles and spare parts products exhibition.
14. May 16th -18th: Yiwu leather, leather products and raw materials exhibition.
15. May 14th -23rd: Yiwu spring and summer silk garment fair
16. May 26th -29th: China international tourism commodity exposition
17. May 16th -18th: Yiwu medicine health care products exposition
18. June 3rd -5th: The fourth session of Yiwu medical equipment exposition
19. June 9th -11th: Yiwu maternity &child articles exposition and female beauty industry fair
20. Sep.3rd -5th: The fourth session of Yiwu lighting fair
21. Sep. 8th -10th: The sixth Yiwu paper products and materials, equipment fair
22. Sep.8th -10th: The fourth session of Yiwu adhesive industry exposition
23. Sep.18th -20th:7th Chinese frame industry and a decoration exhibition
24. Sep.23rd -25th: The fifth Yiwu installs building materials exposition
25. Sep.23rd -25th: Yiwu sanitary and bath ware exposition
26. Sep, 23rd -25th: Of the 18th Yiwu real estate trade fair
28. Nov.1st -4th: The fifth China Yiwu international forest products exposition
29. Nov.11th -13th: The sixth Yiwu car culture festival
30. Nov.12th -21st: Yiwu autumn winter clothing exhibition
31. Nov.18th -20th: The fourth session of China Yiwu machinery industry exposition
32. Nov.24th -26th: 13th China (Yiwu) international socks, knitting and dyeing machinery exhibition
33. Nov.24th -26th: Yiwu clean cleaning products fair
34. Dec.9th -11th: The fifth Yiwu Labour protection and safety protective equipment fair.

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