China Yiwu cultural products trade fair

What is Yiwu

What is Yiwu What is yiwu? We can not answer this question simply in a word, but we hope this essay will give you a satisfying answer. What is Yiwu? When this question is putted forward, many Chinese people will think about Yiwu market at once. Exactly, Yiwu is China’s largest small commodity distributing center, […]

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Yiwu trade fair 2012 catalogue

Yiwu trade fair 2012 catalogue A new year 2012 is coming, so Yiwu trade fair opening again, here I give you a catalogue about Yiwu trade fair 2012. 1. Jan 14th -25th: Yiwu Happy lunar New Year goods fair. 2. Feb 15th: Yiwu New year talent communication fair 3. Mar 10th -12th: Yiwu advertising printing […]

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