Thailand’s Forest Products Will for The First Time Land on Forest Fair

by | Oct 29, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

The international influence of Forest Fair is becoming obvious as Thailand enterprises will participate in the exhibition for the first time. On this Fair, buyers and participants can have a taste of Thailand fresh fruits and specialties so as to enjoy Thai style.

It’s learned that this is the first time for Thailand to exhibit on Forest Fair. Currently Thailand has 13 enterprises that have applied for 16 standard booths and is the largest overseas exhibition pavilion. The main exhibits include tropical fruits, dry goods, beverages, household crafts and so on. Thailand has a rich species of tropical fruits and is known as a “fruit kingdom”, where there are papaya, pineapple, jackfruit, mango, durian, mangosteen etc.. Purchasers and participants are lucky to taste the various fruits. It is told that as a major export agricultural product, Thai rice will also be on display. Thai rice is long in shape, pointed at both ends, white and transparent. The cooked Thai rice smells delicious and tastes excellent.

Although the recruitment has finished, there are still some Thai enterprises that arrived ahead of time for the Forest Fair. On one hand they will discuss about arrangements for the next exhibition and on the other hand observe the Yiwu market. Consulate of Thailand Council which is stationed in Xiamen, Fujian province will attend the Fair.

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