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We can help you get best discount at many Yiwu star hotels. We provide our regular and new clients with free Yiwu hotel booking service.


We recommend 7 hotels in Yiwu for your reference (The price is not available during Yiwu fair time):

1) Yourworld International Conference Center, 5 star hotel, the best hotel in Yiwu, the price is 618RMB/night.

2) Yiwu Kingdom Hotel, 5 star hotel, 500RMB/night.

3) Ramada Plaza Yiwu, 4 star business hotel, 458RMB/night for 1st bldg, 388RMB/night for 2nd bldg.

4) Yiwu SSAW Huafeng Hotel, 3+ star hotel, 348RMB/night.

5) Yiwu Suofeite Hotel, 3 star hotel, 248RMB/night. The location is good.

6) Yiwu Ejon Impression Hotel, 218RMB/night. The location is very good.

7) JinJiang Inn Yiwu, nice and clean room, around 200RMB/night.

If you need us book hotel in Yiwu for you, plesae free free to contact us. We are the VIP customer of these hotels. Our price is cheaper than the price listed in any other websites like:, agoda, tripadvisor, ctrip, etc.

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