The petit-point work

The petit-poit work , also called silk-gauze-stiched embroidery, is an aged-old needle-work that is popular among the people. The main idea of this handicraft is to embroider with colored threads, stitch by stitch, strictly according to the warp and weft patterns on the fabric. The stitches of the embroidery are multifarious and complicated. It makes […]

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Marble accessories For Your home

Do you look and look for that perfect piece to fit into the room that you are decorating? It might be that you want something elegant, or sophisticated, or just that perfect thing to suit your particular taste. No matter who you are you deserve the very best, everyone does. But just because you have […]

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National champions of 2011 Miss Tourism debut in yiwu

It is learned that the individual awards ceremony of 2011 Miss Tourism World final was held on October 20 in yiwu Fair which ended in recently. This is one of the activities to support the 17th Yiwu Fair. The launching ceremony was held on September 29 at Yiwu Theatre. Nearly a hundred Miss Tourism World […]

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The prices of Yiwu banana sharply lower

Recently,  Hainan banana prices sharply lower  in Yiwu Farm fruit markets. According to sources from the office-holder,  Hainan bananas purchase price starting plunged falling  from June of this year,the price is as low as 0.4 yuan per kilogram.Contemporary with last year,the price is at 1.7 yuan ,this year the sell price is well below the cost price. Currently, the banana is also in a serious slow-moving phenomenon, the Yiwu Farm  fruit market bananas wholesale price affected has been […]

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“The Star of China’s Exhibitions and Expos”closed at Shanghai

The eighth “The Star of China’s Exhibitions and Expos”,which is held by National city exhibition management office,China’s exhibition industry alliance,”The First Conferences and Exhibitions” magazine ,convention and exhibition industry associations of all provinces, and the prize presentation grand ceremony of China’s exhibition industry brands award of 2010-2011,finally closed at Shanghai. The eighth appraise and election […]

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Overstocks from Yiwu market

With our huge suppliers base in yiwu, we offer stocks from yiwu factories direct. These items are perfect for liquidation and close out buyers, as well as dolloar stores.  We are one of the largest import and export agent in yiwu and have partnership with many overstock dealers in yiwu. If you are looking for stock […]

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Yiwu-Zhengzhou Airline

Recently, Shantou Airlines Ltd will open an air route between  Yiwu and Zhengzhou on September 9. To facilitate Yiwu’s development and promote the business ties between Yiwu and central China The flight whose number i s CZ6353/4 is scheduled on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. It takes off from Yiwu at 14:40 and arrives in Zhengzhou […]

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Car accessories in yiwu

yiwu professional auto Parts supplies street is near   Yiwu International Trade City  market district one, the geographical environment is very favorable, it is branch by six trading parts: “zone auto supplies, auto parts area, hardware area, fast repair decorationareas, Foreign Trade Business District , decoration supplies area, ” this market  basically  collected the domestic automotive accessories brands. Now Yiwu professional automotive supplies Street shops has signed more than 260 businesses, including foreign investors in the Middle East, Guangzhou, Shanghai and […]

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Yiwu Optical Market

yiwu optical market of China yiwu Commodity City is located in 190 no.of Jiangbing Middle Road, close to Huangyuan market.It was founded in October 2000, the business area is ​​3,000 square meters, more than 100 boothes, the main commercial types include sunglasses, optical lens , driving mirrors, goggles and other uses of glasses, lenses, frames, mirror […]

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Construction yiwu inland port warehouse

Recently, the Yiwu quality supervision station organized a civil works contract about inland port of warehouse, made a completion acceptance for the total construction area of 357,000 square meters, total 582 million yuan ,through on-site survey, data verification, and finally reached by agreement that pass the final acceptance. Meanwhile, the inland port station bending road […]

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