“The Star of China’s Exhibitions and Expos”closed at Shanghai

by | Sep 10, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

The eighth “The Star of China’s Exhibitions and Expos”,which is held by National city exhibition management office,China’s exhibition industry alliance,”The First Conferences and Exhibitions” magazine ,convention and exhibition industry associations of all provinces, and the prize presentation grand ceremony of China’s exhibition industry brands award of 2010-2011,finally closed at Shanghai.
The eighth appraise and election activity of “The Star of China’s Exhibitions and Expos” lasts for more than three months.After the common election of the national exhibition office,guild,authority,with the appraising throught The national exhibition city,news media questionnaire of  committee,Yiwu International Forest Product Expo wins award of “The Star of China’s Exhibitions and Expos” .The director of Yiwu Forestry Bureau Wang Birong wins the award of 2011 outstanding people of “The Star of China’s Exhibitions and Expos”.

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