A New Night Recreation Site Has Been Established For Yiwu Residents

by | Sep 30, 2010 | Yiwu News

A New Night Recreation Site Has Been Established For Yiwu Residents
Under the vigorous guide and support by Yiwu cultural sector, arts performing stage “Gold Coast” was upgraded and decorated into a beautiful incarnation in Yiwu theater tonight, marking the revised version of stage was formally open to the public.

Residents Need Rich Cultural life at Night

“Busy with work and business in the daytime and our cultural life at night is relatively poor, public entertainment places are far from enough.” This is the voice of the general public and foreign residents.

Stuff of Yiwu SMG Council said, “these years, Yiwu cultural entertainment palces operated at night has increased and categories of cultural market are becoming more complete, the grade and scale layout is also becoming more rational, but as an international business city and excellent tourism city in China, Yiwu popular culture and entertainment projects seem to be in lack and cultural life at night is unrich.

No sooner had Gold Coast Performing Company and a batch of cultural entertainments stroke a pose in Yiwu than they became popular with the residents with the praise of “rich program, reasonable price and affordable.” Although some of these places have changed address several times, but business is still hot, which has been a lightspot in Yiwu.

Night Culture Continues to Progress and Prosper

Nowadays, the attractiveness of a city depends not on how properous it is in day time but rather the cultural content at night.” A comrade of Yiwu Committee Propaganda Department said, “As an international trade city, the prosperity of Yiwu night culture will further reflect its tastes, quality, vitality and charm.

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