Yiwu International Trade City

Bluetooth Car Phone Kit in yiwu

It is really a big relief for those who are always on the go and need phone conversation whilst driving their vehicles. Yes, we are talking about a Bluetooth car phone kit. Doesn’t it sound like music to ears It surely does. There are many best-known manufacturers around the world  among Parrot, Nokia, Motorola,and Samsung […]

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Yiwu set a wave of foreign wine

With the domestic wine prices continue to rise, people gradually paying attention to the foreign wine.Scotch whiskey, Italy brandy, France Remy Martin, and so on a large number of famous foreign wines are took the opportunity to go into the Chinese market, and took more concerned by consumers with the affordable price to hold the […]

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60 %United States’s Christmas tree made by Yiwu

After half of a month, it is the annual Christmas Day, many of exports who main doing Christmas business in Yiwu international trade city are ushered the most free time in the year. Two days ago, the U.S. Commerce International Trade Commission Department released a new statistics accroding to the current Christmas shopping season. The […]

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Department of Commerce: China Zhejiang Yiwu set an African Products Exhibition Center

Amanda’s Reporters learned from the Ministry of Commerce Web site, the establishment of “AfricanProducts Exhibition Center” is an important content of the fourth ministerial meeting of China-Africa Cooperation Forum announced new measures on practical cooperation, it is also an importance initiatives of China’s launch of the African commodity exports to China. “Center” is located in […]

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Yiwu market business seemed deserted in November

The season of November should be Yiwu foreign procurement season, but this year Yiwu International Trade City seemed deserted, everywhere carrying a calculator foreign in last year was less . By the debt crisis in Europe and America, the Middle East instability, rising costs and exchange rate changes and other multiple factors, the traditional export […]

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Yiwu commodity market begin have large orders of Libya

Libya during the Civil War, many of the original merchants in Yiwu are returned to Libya .Currently, a large number of Libyan businessmen to return go yiwu to purchase a variety of small commodities. End of an era of Gaddafi in Libya means to restart the market? In interview Yiwu International Trade City recently found […]

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yiwu stationery market

Yiwu stationery market is in Yiwu international trade city H zone,  There are more than 2000 factories & wholesalers of stationery & sportware in the market , and resptictively is notebook,stationery set,pencil,ball-point pen,pen,mark pen,adhensive tape,file case,you almost can find all stationery for student or office. Tomorrow is the time of school opens,  it have take […]

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Yiwu European Vogue Experience Pavilion full of hustle and bustle

Recently, the European Vogue Experience Pavilion of Imported Commodities Museum at Zone V of the Yiwu International Trade City was full of hustle and bustle: on a little and dainty T-shaped platform were walking a group of enchanting models dressed in the latest fashions of European and American first-rate brands like PRADA, GUCCI, EMPORIO, MIUMIU, […]

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Yiwu international trade comprehensive reform pilot start

Yiwu international trade comprehensive reform pilot start Yiwu international trade comprehensive reform pilot held in Yiwu, and in the morning of May 5th, “Zhejiang yiwu international trade comprehensive reform pilot mobilization meeting” is held in Yiwu ceremoniously. The relevant state departments, Zhejiang relevant leaders, Jinhua municipal party committee and the city government main leaders presented […]

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