China wholesale suppliers

If you are a wholesaler, why don’t you come to China? China wholesale suppliers have a wide range of products and the factory directly sales must invite your stop.  China wholesale suppliers are mainly concentrated in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province, China. Thousands of streets are showing the wholesale products and they are all of different […]

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What is Yiwu

What is Yiwu What is yiwu? We can not answer this question simply in a word, but we hope this essay will give you a satisfying answer. What is Yiwu? When this question is putted forward, many Chinese people will think about Yiwu market at once. Exactly, Yiwu is China’s largest small commodity distributing center, […]

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Yiwu fair April 2012

Yiwu fair April 2012 Another new year is coming, so there will be many fair in Yiwu, the latest fair– Yiwu fair April 2012.The full name is China Yiwu cultural products trade fair. Yiwu cultural fair was founded in 2006, it has been successfully held for six times. Yiwu cultural fair is aimed to enhance […]

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Yiwu exhibition layouting to the world

Learned from relevant departments, according to incomplete statistics, as of now, this year more than 50 companies of the city have participated in the overseas exhibition. Exhibits mainly related to hairdressing classes, stationery, office supplies, paper category, toys, gifts, household goods and other industries.According to the oversea exhibition plans of Yiwu International Chamber of Commerce […]

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A new industry appeared–repair old toys

Nowadays, the consumption of children toys occupied a large amount of your home’s expend, and often, it will be a big number. But, children always damage the toys and the stores are not guaranteed to repair, which is a big trouble for parents. Thus, someone has found that open up a store to repair damaged […]

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