What is Yiwu

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What is Yiwu
What is yiwu? We can not answer this question simply in a word, but we hope this essay will give you a satisfying answer.
What is Yiwu? When this question is putted forward, many Chinese people will think about Yiwu market at once. Exactly, Yiwu is China’s largest small commodity distributing center, whose business items include gifts and grafts, apparel, accessories, footwear, toys, textile, hardware tools, household articles, and so on. You can almost find everything you want here. What’s more, Yiwu is city of exhibition; every year Yiwu holds a lot of exhibitions, such as China Yiwu cultural products trade fair, China Yiwu International Commodities Fair.
Now you may have a general impression about what Yiwu is, in short Yiwu is a city full of commercial opportunity. We are greatly honored to talk about what is Yiwu with you.

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