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Yiwu has a Franco-Prussian QQ group online to answer legal questions

Group members are market dealers, the main group is the International Trade City Municipal Justice Bureau of Justice Chen Jin Yan, director. yesterday, only a few months of the Franco-Prussian QQ Group International Trade City set up, but it has answered more than 1,000 (times) legal issues figure outted, warned 400(times) risk trading laws, resolved […]

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Yiwu mini USB fan favorite in young family

With the temperature constant rise of yiwu weather,some cooling commodity are popular now in futian market. Today, fans of the style has become increasingly diverse, in addition to the traditional home fans, in order to meet the young family of small, mini supplies demand, businesses continue to introduce various styles of mini USB fan. Reporters […]

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Personalized Fashion Lovers Cup

Cups are no longer ordinary water containers. Rendered by the wisdom of designers, cups more and more become a smallware showing personality and fashion. For this reason, people usually say that the cups also have ranks. ” Now if you are doing business aimed at young people, the commodity must be with different characters and […]

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Hot sale warming products by the End of November

In november, the temperature of Yi Wu China keep changing. The sale in domestic market of winter warming product in the fourth district of YiWu International Trade city begin to increase. Hat, scarf and thermal underwear, gloves, electric hot-water bog, electric heater are in the hot selling season. While in first district of international trade […]

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