Yiwu mini USB fan favorite in young family

by | Jul 28, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

With the temperature constant rise of yiwu weather,some cooling commodity are popular now in futian market.

Today, fans of the style has become increasingly diverse, in addition to the traditional home fans, in order to meet the young family of small, mini supplies demand, businesses continue to introduce various styles of mini USB fan. Reporters at the International Trade City two areas of a small appliance sales shops have see a wide variety of mini USB fan, a colorful mini-lights with LED fan, there are rabbits, cows, dogs and other cartoon mini-fan. Which can blow a cool breeze of the air-conditioning mini-fan to attract the attention of many businessmen, Mr. Luo told reporters that the family business, this air-conditioned mini-fan’s so special because that will be sucked into the outdoor hot air, then filled with water through the middle sponge, which cooled the air, and finally through the cooling fan to blow air out. Luo said that now this air-conditioned mini-fan sales of popular in Taobao, buyers are young white-collar workers.

In this week announced price index information, small home appliance price index for the current week 100.16 points, to continue to slightly decline. Small home appliances products overall trend of the recent decline, manufacturers and distributors of pre-stocked, sales of fan products currently generally; mosquito swatter, mosquito lamp, etc. After the initial large number of shipments, is mostly a small amount of replenishment and old customers back to a order mainly; health & Beauty appliances increasingly small popular, pore cleaner, electric eye massage products ect.are in the recent sales performance of the good; with a small kitchen appliances in a moderate condition, food cooking machine, bread maker, yogurt machine and other products began to increase new market, mainly in foreign trade and domestic-oriented young consumers, sales stable.

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