Yiwu has a Franco-Prussian QQ group online to answer legal questions

by | Aug 6, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Group members are market dealers, the main group is the International Trade City Municipal Justice Bureau of Justice Chen Jin Yan, director. yesterday, only a few months of the Franco-Prussian QQ Group International Trade City set up, but it has answered more than 1,000 (times) legal issues figure outted, warned 400(times) risk trading laws, resolved dozens of conflicts and disputes. many business users, said: “This QQ group is a good helper for our business users to protect our interests.
Chen Jin Yan is a director of Justice International Trade City, in their daily work, he contacted a number of business and law on mediation of disputes, and taking the time to adhere given the legal system class to market dealers every monthly, every day he received a batch operating account who “leaving the business’. How to reduce the root causes of disputes? Chen Jin Yan thought to built a QQ group, online services for business customers. Soon, two Franco-Prussian QQ group of “traces the summer market group” attracted more than 300 market dealers. Though this is little Franco-Prussian QQ group, but made the did not know the original neighbor dealers to become friends, so that the friction on the contradiction became peace operations,also has help justice Bureauto the to understand people their needs, promotion policies and regulations to promote harmony and stability frontier.
Yiwu business users want to understand the policies and regulations or to consult a legal problem, as long as use the QQ group send a message, Chen Jin Yan will soon reply.

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