Hot sale warming products by the End of November

by | Nov 27, 2010 | Yiwu News

In november, the temperature of Yi Wu China keep changing. The sale in domestic market of winter warming product in the fourth district of YiWu International Trade city begin to increase. Hat, scarf and thermal underwear, gloves, electric hot-water bog, electric heater are in the hot selling season. While in first district of international trade city, the Christmas presents manufacturer ,who should be busy in August and September,keep accepting end orders.

In Yiwu international city of the christmas sales area, one christmas products dealer said,during the two hours after we opened shop, we have received many of foreign clients. Although orders are not very big, but the total value of goods added to nearly 100,000 dollars. In order to avoide business risk,foreign businessmen usually take small order at the first place. After a period of selling time they come back, and place reorders. Some new, odd Christmas produsts are especially favored by foreign businessmen. For example, the Christmas white snow ball which can automatically aerate and snow have high price nearly 60 RMB,but they are still in large demand.

At present in the second district of international trade city, some portable and economical electric warm water bog are more popular, electric heaters also sells well. It is reported that electric heaters of 2010 vary in species including cartoon style ,flying saucer, and etc.Lots of new style electric heater not only save electricity and but also adds timing function.You can also use them in the bathroom. These new products have become the first choice of buyers.

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