District 2

Foreign businessmen are busy purchasing

On September 20, Indian merchants purchased umbrellas at the district  2 market of Yiwu International Trade City and left blessings on the umbrellas, wishing the Yiwu market a prosperous business and good luck. Since the beginning of this year, the average daily...

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Yiwu New Energy Products

Yiwu New Energy Products At present, the new energy industry in Yiwu market has a good development momentum, and the new energy product system has a high degree of overlap with Yiwu market. New energy (solar energy) and application products are an important part of...

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Yiwu Wholesale Market Address

Yiwu Wholesale Market Address Yiwu is a famous city for businessmen, for its reputation that the commodity ocean and shipping paradise. Yiwu market is the largest commodity wholesale market in the worlds. Yiwu Wholesale Market address is different for it has many districts. The district 1 is at the cross of Trade City Road and Chouzhou Road, district […]

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Exhibit Yiwu Futian

  Exhibit Yiwu Futian Yiwu is the largest small commodity wholesale market, and Futian market is the largest one in the Yiwu market. The following part will exhibit Yiwu Futian. Exhibit Yiwu Futian, must know there are how many parts in Futian market. There are 5 districts in Futian market. District 1 includes A, B, C, D, […]

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Yiwu hand tools factory

Yiwu hand tools factory If you have visited Yiwu China international trade city. You may find almost all hand tools in district 2. Have you ever been confused about the low price of these hand tools here? The only explain is that all because of Yiwu hand tools factory. These hand tools factories in Yiwu […]

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