Yiwu New Energy Products

Yiwu New Energy Products

At present, the new energy industry in Yiwu market has a good development momentum, and the new energy product system has a high degree of overlap with Yiwu market. New energy (solar energy) and application products are an important part of daily commodities. At the same time, new energy (solar energy) application products in Yiwu market have formed a certain business group, involving electrical products, electronics, and small household appliances industries, mainly concentrated in international markets. There are more than 600 business entities on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the market in District 2.

“The most prominent feature of the Second District East Market is the high concentration of new energy products. Merchants who come to purchase no longer need to look for new energy products in traditional industry classifications.” Apart from the obvious power generation and energy storage equipment, many daily necessities are now embedded with new energy functions. For example, some radios come with their own “power bank”, and some bags are also a power supply. In the future, merchants will not need to go to traditional bags, If you are looking for electronic products in the area, you can complete the purchase in one stop at the East Market of District 2.

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Our company, Amanda Intl Group, develops based on Yiwu market and has more than 15 years experience in foreign trade business. Our company mission is to be our customers’ China buying office.

We offer one stop export service, mainly including sourcing, purchasing, consolidation, inspection and shipping.

Sourcing: when you are here with us, we will arrange staff accompanying you in the market to gather the basic products information and make it into quotation for your reference.

Purchasing: After you confirmed the order, we will ask 30% of the total products value as deposit. We will sign contracts with suppliers with detail information and delivery time.

Consolidation: We will collect the products to our warehouse when they are ready.

Inspection: After the consolidation, we will do inspection in the warehouse. Normally we open 30% of the cartons to check the quantity and quality. We will take pictures and send to you for confirmation.

Shipping: After getting your confirmation for the goods, we will arrange the shipping. We can arrange LCL (Less than one container load ) and FCL (Full container load) and air-cargo or courier. We will prepare all documents (invoice and packing list, BL and CO) for our customers and export in the name of Yiwu Amanda Expo&Impo. Co., LTD.

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