Exhibit Yiwu Futian


Exhibit Yiwu Futian

Yiwu is the largest small commodity wholesale market, and Futian market is the largest one in the Yiwu market. The following part will exhibit Yiwu Futian.

Exhibit Yiwu Futian, must know there are how many parts in Futian market. There are 5 districts in Futian market. District 1 includes A, B, C, D, E, the five areas. In district 1, there are four floors. The first floor has toys and flower accessories. Second floor is mor jewelry and hair ornament. Third floor is for art and crafts. And the fourth floor is for factories outlets centers and a hall for Taiwan merchant. District 2 includes F area and G area. There are also four floors. First floor is mainly for rainwear, umbrellas, suitcases and bags. Second floor is for hardware tools, fitting, locks, and electric products. The third floor is for home appliance, electronics, telecommunication equipment, clocks and watches. The forth floor is for Hong Kong Hall, Korean Commodity Hall, Anhui Hall, and some factory outlets centers.District 3 is also named as H area. The first floor is for glasses, pens, paper articles. Second floor is for office supplies and stationery. Third floor is for cosmetics, buttons, zippers and clothing accessories. And the forth floor is for sport accessories, cosmetics, glasses, buttons. The fifth floor is a car park. District 4 owns four floors. The first floor is for socks. The second floor is for textile and daily consumable the third floor is for shoes, laces, ties, thread, and towels. And the forth floor is for bras, underwear, belts and scarves. And the last district, the district 5. It offers bedding, dry goods, automobile appliance and so on. Customers can almost buy whatever they want.

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