Yiwu Wholesale Market Address

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Yiwu Wholesale Market Address

Yiwu is a famous city for businessmen, for its reputation that the commodity ocean and shipping paradise. Yiwu market is the largest commodity wholesale market in the worlds. Yiwu Wholesale Market address is different for it has many districts. The district 1 is at the cross of Trade City Road and Chouzhou Road, district 2adjoins the district 1, near the cross of Yinghai Road and Chouzhou Road. The other districts are adjoining one by one. Yiwu Wholesale Market address is very easy to find, and there are many buses pass or go there and the taxi drivers know how to there. Yiwu Wholesale Market address is about 20 minutes far by taxi from it to Yiwu train station and Yiwu airport. 

If you want to get more information about Yiwu Wholesale Market address, please contact us immediately. You can get the information what you need, and if you want, we can take you to the Yiwu International Trade City. 

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