China Yiwu Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition

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China Yiwu Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Ventilation Equipment Exhibition

Time: May 7-9, 2011

Place: China·Yiwu Meihu Exhibition Center

Sponsor: Zhejiang Refrigeration Institute

                      Yiwu City Economic Development Board
Supervision Unit: Yiwu City People’s Government Exhibition Management Office
Exhibition Contents:
Air conditioning: Refrigeration Series Host: absorption machine, ice storage style units, condensing units; refrigeration and air conditioning tools and equipment; refrigeration and air conditioning measuring apparatus; ventilation equipment accessories.
Yiwu will make great efforts to build up an international trade platform for refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation equipment industry.
Yiwu has a solid industrial base with a large number of small medium and large enterprises, which is the world’s most competitive manufacturing base. It is also the largest commodity distributing center and its market is exposed to 215 global countries and regions with more than two thousand overseas business institutions in Yiwu. It receives more than 400,000 overseas merchants every year. The 200,000 every day customer flow volume constitute the large group of buyers. Relying on the strong market radiation, unique merchant group and foreign trade platform, together with the developed sales and distribution network of Yiwu market which provides strong support and assurance for the promotion of refrigeration air conditioning and ventilation equipment industry with a huge market space, Yiwu is the first choice for enterprises to expand domestic and foreign markets and to participate in the exhibitions!

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