Yiwu Industrial Transformation Brought New Business Opportunities–from Yiwu News

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Yiwu Industrial Transformation Brought New Business Opportunities–from Yiwu News

From Yiwu News—Amanda reportes:The new business opportunities brought by Yiwu industrial transformation have attracted talents from all around the world.

Recently, a Yemeni boy named Akran came to Yiwu Employment Management Service and got the Employment Permit. He is the 2878th “foreign worker” that has received the Permit in Yiwu this year.

This year, Yiwu has dealt with the employment approval of 2878 foreigners from 79 countries,among whom there are 200 expatriate senior managers and technical backbone working in a variety of Yiwu enterprises. Till now, more than 3,000 foreigners have received the Employment Permit in Yiwu, who are mainly from Italy, the United States, Russia, India, Australia, South Africa and so on. In addition, there are more than 10,000 foreigner residents.

This year, the number of foreigners who came to find job in Yiwu is growing larger, this may be attributed to the transformation and upgrading of Yiwu traditional industries. In previous years, foreigners working in Yiwu were mainly engaged in trade representative offices, while now there appeared new features. From enterprise executives to the foreign trade manager, from technical director of new product R&D center to sales director of foreign markets, the employment domain of “foreign workers” in Yiwu is becoming wider and has shown a tendency to shift forward the real economy.

Striding positively on the road of industrial transformation and upgrading, Yiwu enterprises have created much more job opportunities for talents from around the world. In Langsha Group, one of the leading enterprises in China hosiery industry, the “Great Master” in charge of socks machinery technology is an Italian engineer. She is Amily, the master of thousands of new socks machines in Langsha Corp. Weng Rongdi, CEO of Langsha  said, “We have employed over 10 foreign experts such as Amily. Our company provide them with expert apartment and they get along well with Chinese colleagues. We can not make such achievements in all aspects such as sales, technology and product R&D etc. without the contribution of foreign experts.

Jinhua Municipal Committee member, Yiwu Party Secretary Huang Zhiping said, “One of the key points of Yiwu “1025” development plan is to promote the construction of five industrial zones and upgrade the traditional industries.” He hoped that more and more foreigners will contribute to this cause.

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