Yiwu Became The Second Hometown of Foreign Businessmen

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Yiwu Became The Second Hometown of Foreign Businessmen

“I love Yiwu, it’s my second hometown…”, “i live happily here and Yiwu people are very friendly”…

As a world famous trade city, Yiwu accomodates a huge number of foreign businessmen. It’s investigated that from January to November this year, there were 380,000 foreign businessmen coming to our city. Nowadays, more and more foreigners settle down in Yiwu and live along well with local people.

In order to allow foreigners live with safety, convenience and comfortableness in Yiwu, out city also did a lot of work to improve services for foreigners and achieved remarkable success.

Focus on the rights protection of foreigners in Yiwu

Over the years, Yiwu city have been attaching great importance to and protecting every legal right and interest of foreigners in Yiwu, keeping on dealing with the various types of foreign-related cases and events according to law, actively contacting and communicating with relevant national embassies in China and establishing good communicative and interactive relationships with them.

“In the new socio-economic development and foreign work situation, our city’s consular protection related work also presents some new features. ” said Feng Meilan, director of Yiwu foreign affairs office. Yiwu is a trade city, most of the foreigners who come to Yiwu are for purchase in Yiwu market, thus consular protection cases brought by trade and economic disputes are increasing. In addition, these cases are more complicated, such as illegal treatment, economic disputes, unfair treatment and infringement of personal rights etc. and are more difficult to deal with.

Multi-measures are made to improve foreign-related services

Consular protection work in our city is growing complex. In order to create a good business, pro-business atmosphere, our city has made a variety of ways to improve foreign-related services.

Every year, our city would invite some foreigners to attend the two conferences(the National People’s Congress & the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) and hold seminars to listen to their suggestions and comments.

Our city also carried out a variety of activities in order to promote the integration and communication between foreigners and local people.

Besides, Yiwu is the first city all around the country to provide personal accident insurance for each foreign businessman in Yiwu.

Currently, the “Yiwu Honorary Citizen Selection” work is in full swing so that some foreigners who have made outstanding contributions to the economic construction and social development of  Yiwu can have the opportunity to become honorary citizen of Yiwu city.

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