Yiwu Industrie

Yiwu Industrie

In recent years, Yiwu City vigorously implemented the "commercial promote the development of the yiwu industrie", "trade and industry linkage" strategy, advancing with the times, blazing new trails, industrial economy gained rapid development . It was not only become the main motive force of yiwu national economic and society, but also provide a strong industry support to build Yiwu internationally competitive business city. 

The advantages of the yiwu industrie developed quickly, advanced Commodity manufacturing was in the forefront of zhejiang province. For expect  Jewelry, socks, zippers, wool, cosmetics, clothing, handicrafts, stationery, toys and so on, more than 20 industries. Besides, the production volume of socks, knitted underwear, toys, jewelry, handicrafts, and zipper industry for the country was more than 30%. IT, medicine, biology, equipment manufacturing and other high-tech industries has become the prototype, It is very obvious that the "little commodity, large industry, small businesses, large cluster" pattern for the development of yiwu industrie . 

With the massive rapid economic growth, moment of Yiwu industries developed. Rational planning, speed up the adjustment of industrial layout structure, built as a state-level Economic and Technological Development Zone (the Yiwu Economic and Technological Development Zone), a provincial Economic Development Zone (Yiwu Industrial Park), the thirteen town, street functional areas of industrial development build the capacity of characteristics, a good momentum of development.

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