Korean fabric market

Korean fabric market

As the old saying: Buddha by Gold, clothes make the man. With the improvement of people’s living standard, people has higher requirement to dress. They choose clothes not only depend on the designs or the styles, but more on fabric and comfort level. More and more people begin to putting fabric as the first reason to make a choice.

The fabric of Chinese production enterprise seems a little short because of the low quality, low content of science and technology, lack of innovation in colors and assortment. However, the Korean fabric has overcome the shortcomings of Chinese, and the price is lower than the Europeans. It has won numerous high-grade the favor of the women’s enterprise.

In recent years, South Korean clothing style is very popular in China, so the Korean fabric is popular in the Chinese market. There have some dates show that the fabric import from Korea was increasing every year, and China is becoming the biggest import countries of Korea on fabric.

If you want to look for Korean fabric in China, you can come to KeQiao textile city, it is located in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province. It is near Yiwu city, its traffic is very convenient.

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