Rainbow loom in Yiwu

Rainbow loom in Yiwu

Rainbow loom is popular in the United States since 2013. This product comes from a chinese-american care children’s creativity.

With the rainbow loom and rubber bands, in addition to weave a variety of bracelets, rings, and all kinds of other gadgets .Fashionable and lovely silicone bracelet, is the hot sale product in the boutiques and gift shop.

Silicone rubber band and silicone bracelet is popular in Europe and America . Silica gel, usually used on the bottle nozzle, safety and environmental protection. Its excellent resistance to heat (190 ℃) and to cold (40 ℃), and has excellent light resistance, use for a long time also can maintain such as new.

This activity can cultivate children’s ability and color matching capabilities,demonstrating their own, develop self-confidence and imagination. Bracelet can also be sent to the closest friends, promote friendship, or weave together with friends and relatives to promote each other feelings.

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