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Yiwu storage, one of best selling items in Yiwu market, mainly distributes in District 4, daily use items section, attract plenty of wholesellers and retailers come to visit and purchase every year.

The function can be divided into: save, place, organize, manage, protect, isolate, cover, hide, show. Varieties of designs and muti-fuction features storage can be found in Yiwu. Continious updated designs, competetive price, low MOQ with wholesale price of Yiwu storage satisfy different countries market needs.

Almost all of the supplies must be incorporated management in life, according to the different objects can be divided into: clothing, quits, shoes’ storage, book and magazines’ storage, kitchen use storage, small items’ storage such as comestics, stationery, groceries, jwellery. etc

Storage Box

Storage box, something put things like underwear, clothing together into box.

Trendy fashion, more convenient and practical, more space-saving, arbitrary storage of all kinds of clothing and other small items. Non-wovens, it is made of natural fiber by the latest technology processing, with a soft and breathable function of the new fiber products, able to effectively prevent all kinds of borer infestation, not easy to moisture, moth and mildew, but also easy to dismantle, can be flexible disassembly, do not take any space, so that make home life more convenient and comfortable, fresh and clean.
Main material: plastic, non-woven fabric and non-woven film.


Pouf is a new type of household storage items, the appearance of circular, polygonal, square or rectangular, after the combination is a small sofa stool, the internal space can be placed items, can be split,folded,collection, very convenient. The current domestic Manufacturers are mainly distributed in Zhejiang, Shanghai, Guangdong and other developed areas of foreign trade.
Main material: cotton canvas, Oxford cloth, PU leather, non-woven fabric, sponge, fiberboard or cardboard.

1、As a stool, for shoe stool, pad stool use, can withstand the weight of 100KG;
2、As a storage box to use, the internal large capacity, can store debris, such as books and newspapers, footwear, children’s toys and other household daily debris;

  • No hard and abrupt corners, the elderly and children are not easy to be bumped, soft material on the ground is not worn, set the practical and decorative in one, when the folder can be stored free, take up a small space.

Storage bag

Storage bags is mainly used to install quilts and a variety of clothes like a bag. The most common storage bag is a vacuum compression bag and a car storage bag. Vacuum compression bag As the name suggests, is to take the air so that atmospheric pressure caused by a natural compression of the bag. It works by taking the air inside the quilts clothing (like the sponge will shrink), so that the volume is reduced.

Car storage bags are usually used in the car inside the sun plate, back chairs behind the door side, and the car trunk. By subdivision, there are usually different names. For example: the car storage package, the car storage box, storage bag, car bag, car storage bag, car sun block board, car CD package. All such items or names, in the car boutique department store, the industry usually collectively referred to as car storage bags, or car storage package.

Storage cabinet

Storage cabinet refers to the clothes, books, debris and other items to maximize the limited space, to make room for large cabinets. It is a good heper in home life, meanwhile, its nice looking can be as a good decoration.

Kitchen storage

Kitchen storage is a home necessities. A clean and tidy kitchen is inseparable from its help.

This is just some of the most common storage items for rough statistics. Yiwu market can be found a variety of novel creative design, keep updating year by month by month. It is like a permanent show, open the whole year except the Chines New Year.

To settle your schedule, you can come at any time you as Yiwu market is opening all the year round (including weekends). Considering a few factors such as trade fairs, weather, business season and so on, there are two better periods for visiting Yiwu: from March to June and from September to December. Its opening time is from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.

The suppliers are mostly is factory or supported by factory. Not only find new designs here, but also can customized designs (OEM) according to your sample if you can reach their MOQ.

As the world’s leading consumer goods sourcing company, based in Yiwu marketand with more than 10 years experience in export business, we can provide translation, sourcing, purchasing, goods collection, loading and shipping services for wholesellers and retailers all over the world. Devoted to becoming a customer’s China office, we would like to help our clients expand the scale of business, and seek success together.

Warmly invite you to visit Yiwu.


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