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How to Improve the Quality of Yiwu Cultural Fair 2011

Leaders and Experts of Provincial Cultural Department Discuss How to Improve the Quality of Yiwu Cultural Fair 2011 2011 Yiwu Cultural Fair Seminar was held on the afternoon of November 5. Present at the seminar were Deputy Director of Provincial Cultural Department Yuyuan Tian, Director of Cultural Industry Weiping He, director of Zhejiang Intangible Cultural […]

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Delegation of Yiwu Cosmetic Enterprises Will Participate in APAC Beauty Exhibition

2010 Asia-Pacific Hong Kong International Beauty Exhibition will be held November 10th-12th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. A total of 30 Yiwu cosmetics enterprises such as ZhongYimei cosmetics, Diefei cosmetics, Yanxue cosmetics etc. will participate in the exhibition. Asia-Pacific Hong Kong International Beauty Exhibition is recognized as Asian largest and most prestigious […]

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Hot Sale “Certificate of Bachelor”

The annual Bachelors’ Day is coming. Nowadays, many young people are in high pursuit of being “shocking” and “trendy”, therefore, the “Certificate of Bachelor” sells good in China Yiwu Intenational Trade City. “11.11”, the four single Arabian “1”s formed a folk festival- “Bachelors’ Day”, which has now become a new economic drive. It’s discovered that […]

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New Electronic & Electrical Products Opened The Blank Market

On the 16th Yiwu Fair, exhibitors displayed a new type of food waste processor As categories of electronic & electrical products are gradually increasing, the market of common products has become extraordinarily competitive. More and more purchasers began to pay attention to the new products market in the purpose of taking over the blank market […]

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Creative Calendars

Creative Calendars There are a new variety of calendars that can be used as environmentally friendly bags. With the awareness of low-carbon environmental protection deeply rooted in the heart of the public, this winter Yiwu New Year paintings and calendars market highlighted its changes-manufacturers have introduced new tactics, that is, calendars that can be turned […]

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Yiwu Introduced New Policy to Support the Development of E-commerce

Yiwu Introduced New Policy to Support the Development of E-commerce It’s learned from the Market Trade Development Bureau that recently Yiwu introduced a new policy to promote the development of e-commerce. The policy aims to play the guiding role of financial capital, optimize the e-commerce environment in multi-levels and to accelerate the development of e-commerce […]

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Yiwu Fair Set up A “Tourism Carnival”

Yiwu Fair Set Up A “Tourism Carnival” During the exhibition, a total of 165 tourist groups came to Yiwu On October 25, 44 Malaysian tourists organized by China Kanghui Nanking International Travel Service visited the Pavilion of the 16th Yiwu Fair. This is the last team of foreign tourists that came to visit the Fair. […]

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Not Only Orders

Not Only Orders “We harvested not only orders at the Yiwu Fair but also the opportunity for female agents all over the country to get together to exchange entrepreneurial experience.” Female agent Rong Mi from Sinkiang Production and Construction Corps said at the “Market Drives Thousands of Villages” C.M.T. Display. Till the closing day of […]

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