Tourism Shopping: Yiwu Expects A Magnificent Turn in The “Era of Post-Expo”

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Till November 23, the 5-day 2010 China International Tourism Fair came to an end in Shanghai. The fair is the first international tourism event held in Shanghai after the the World Expo. Representatives of tourism industry from 95 countries and regions met in Shanghai. During the fair, nearly ten thousand copies of information that tourism sectors of our city took along with were robbed empty. Meanwhile, by participating in activities such as product presentation, specialist seminar, summarization and remarks etc. which were held on the fair, shopping and tourism in our city were paid great attention to. From time to time there were people from around the world asking on how to cooperate with us to develop the tourism shopping.

After years of development, Yiwu Shopping Tourism has been listed in the main lines by the nearby traveling salesmen. Traveling salesmen from Shanghai, Ningbo, Hangzhou, Suzhou and other major cities have brought a lot of travel teams to Yiwu, which helped Yiwu become a tourist market in East China with steady climbing share.

The opening of the Shanghai World Expo attracted a large number of overseas tourists to visit and do shopping in Yiwu during the visit of the Expo. How to further develop the “Shopping Tourism” of Yiwu city after the World Expo? How does “Shopping Tourism” make full use of “Post-Expo Effect” to discover the resources of domestic and foreign tourists? We need to have multiple perspectives and broader vision in such a brand new era. According to the municipal tourism sector, with the further promotion of Yiwu Shopping Tourism brand, the number of visitors keeps growing, and shopping tourism continues to heat up. The scale and article category of the tourism and shopping center of the International Trade City can no longer meet the shopping needs of tourists. Therefore, this year, we revised the development plan of the shopping and tourism center of the International Trade City, adjusted its structure and decided to open a large tourism shopping center covering an area of 26,000 square meters in District 4.

“By participating in this Tourism Fair we hope that overseas counterparts can be able to personally come to the well-known Yiwu to do shopping and tour the city and to experience the development potential of the city after the Expo.” Director of Scenery Tour Managemant Bureau Chen Ming said, “we would like to take the advantage of the Expo and build a platform for exchanges and cooperation between Yiwu shopping tourism and tourism industries at home and abroad and compile these practical experience into tourism products and routes and provide them to overseas visitors.” On this Tourism Fair, the traveling salesmen is not only large in number but also wide in coverage. The most important is that all came with a strong purpose to find cooperative object. Traveling salesmen from American, the Middle East, Africa, South Asia and other key and emerging source markets expressed that they would visit Yiwu personally.

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