How to Improve the Quality of Yiwu Cultural Fair 2011

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Leaders and Experts of Provincial Cultural Department Discuss How to Improve the Quality of Yiwu Cultural Fair 2011

2011 Yiwu Cultural Fair Seminar was held on the afternoon of November 5. Present at the seminar were Deputy Director of Provincial Cultural Department Yuyuan Tian, Director of Cultural Industry Weiping He, director of Zhejiang Intangible Cultural Heritage Center etc., who proposed good ideas and suggestions for the 2011 Yiwu Cultural Fair . Deputy secretary of Municipal Committee Xiuxian Chen also attended the meeting.

Yuyuan Tian said after 5 years of cultivation, Yiwu Cultural Fair has become a well-known international cultural event. 2011 Cultural Fair will highlight the advantages of Yiwu model with adherence to the general idea and exhibition theme of “enterprise trade shows, government meeting, market operation, focusing on trade” and realize the combination of barter and e-commerce as well as the combination of cultural heritage and creativity.

The seminar also discussed how to attract more creative cultural enterprises to participate in exhibition with activeness, how to enhance the grade of Cultural Fair in the form of forum, how to make up for Yiwu cultural industries through this Fair and how to produce animation and other derivative products etc.

Currently, the municipal government is actively preparing for next year’s Fair, some relevant recruiting work has been started. It is reported that it is aimed to build up approximately 3000 international standard booths on 2011 Cultural Fair with more than 80,000 professional participants, including over 5,000 overseas visitors and over 30 overseas trade delegations.

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