The 6th Brown Sugar Festival Opened Yesterday

by | Nov 19, 2010 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

The sixth Yiwu Brown Sugar Festival opened yesterday in Xilou village, Yiting town, Yiwu city. Deputy Director of Zhejiang Agricultural Department Zhu Zhiquan, Yiwu municipal leaders Chen Xiuxian, Jiang Hongxun, Zhao Guorong, etc. attended the ceremony. Yiwu Municipal Party Committee member, vice mayor Wang Qingchi presided over the opening ceremony.

Chen Xiuxian, deputy secretary of Municipal Party, said that the municipal government has been all along attaching great importance to agriculture and rural work. Yiwu brown sugar is one of agricultural products with strong local characteristics and nutritious value that was created by Yiwu people through long-term practice. In recent years, Yiwu brown sugar was increasingly well known by the Brown Sugar Festival and the economic efficiency has improved significantly. Chen requested to continue to increase the publicity efforts to develop Yiwu brown sugar, stick to the development path of industrilization and branding, focus on doing fine, doing excellent and work hard to create famous brands and make them known by others.

Compared with the previous sugar festivals, this festival has several notable features: First, it has larger scale.Apart from the main site set up in Xilou village, some branch sites were also set up in Baozai and some other villages. The scale of the festival was further expanded. Second, brown sugar and series products are better in quality. Villages represented by Xilou, Baozai have invited sugar expert to give technical guidance and at the same time introduced some new handicrafts such as ginger sugar producing and have greatly enhanced the quality of Yiting brown sugar. Third, sugar processing has realized standardization. Since last year, Xilou, Baozai and other main brown sugar producing areas invested millions of RMB to consummate the hardware facilities of sugar processing and also carried out the standardization of brown sugar producing. Fourth, the impact of brown sugar festival is enlarging. Media at home and abroad were on propaganda around this Brown Sugar Festival before it was held.

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