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Several function of Sponges!

Have a bag of new and clean sponges laying around from yiwu china international trade city? How about trying out some of these ideas! 1. Helping sprout Seeds! Start growing seeds indoors to delight kids! First Soak a sponge in water, squeeze out excess and put on a plate you prepared. Then fill holes with […]

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Cheap and easy way to cleaing jewelry

Today I learn several fancy jewelry cleaning solutions withou waste money. Directly cleaning your jewelry at home using things you’ll find in any kitchen or bathroom.With just a few minutes of care, your jewelry will be sparkling like new! Cleaning Diamond Rings & Jewelry,Use a solution of six cups water and one cup ammonia. Use […]

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We can store summer clothing in wadrobe this month

This October weather In yiwu city,It’s time to pack away the summer clothing and roll out your fall wardrobe.  When doing so, you should carefully store your clothing to ensure that it will be in good shape for next Spring and Sumer.Here are a few tips to keep in mind when storing your clothing: Always […]

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Yiwu city ledaers give an supervise work to the upcoming fair

Yesterday, Yiwu city leaders He Meihua, Chen Xiuxian, Xiong Fangming with the relevant departments come to the Yiwu International Expo Center give a special supervise and guidance work. .He Meihua called on relevant departments and units to attach great importance to the pre-Expo preparation work, to do all the details to protect basic work to […]

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Yiwu push forward the construction of affordable housing

Yesterday afternoon, the reporter give an interview to the yiwu city Bureau of Housing and Urban Real Estate Branch, Get the news that the city will expand coverage of low-rent housing, those plan let the  housing difficulties of low-income families to stay in “Huimin Home.” ” Huimin Home” locate at Zongze street,A total of 204 […]

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How to chose the speaker for hom theather

The standard theater arrangement is of course a screen at one end of the room, with one central speaker, one speaker to each side of the screen, two speakers providing surround left and right, and sometimes a speaker providing surround rear. If you have your room arranged this way, chances are good that you call […]

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The prices of Yiwu banana sharply lower

Recently,  Hainan banana prices sharply lower  in Yiwu Farm fruit markets. According to sources from the office-holder,  Hainan bananas purchase price starting plunged falling  from June of this year,the price is as low as 0.4 yuan per kilogram.Contemporary with last year,the price is at 1.7 yuan ,this year the sell price is well below the cost price. Currently, the banana is also in a serious slow-moving phenomenon, the Yiwu Farm  fruit market bananas wholesale price affected has been […]

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Make your car attractive using stickers

Embellish your vehicle with beautiful custom stickers for cars! The stickers not only look attractive but also reflect your style. The yiwu market has wide range of designs available to the buyers and they can either browse through them or get one or they can also get their own sticker designed by the company. You […]

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National flag flown in yiwu market

These days, we find that red flags are weaving in a lot of booths in Yiwu market. As the dealers in Yiwu market want to express their love to the motherland. For the 62th anniversary of the china national day which have just gone. A national flag is a flag that symbolizes a country. The […]

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Light a candle

In the early period in history ,the candle is use for giving a light,but now it become a necessory ornament in birthday party, wedding banquet.varity kinds of candle not only smell good ,but also very beautiful.like jasmine scented candles,raspberry scented candles,coffee scented candles,fruit candles,floating candles,animal-shaped candle. Candles is an comparatively old business. If you also […]

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