The surplus guests at “Plum blossom”

by | Oct 23, 2011 | Yiwu News | 0 comments

Ended at the beganning of the opening ceremony fo the Fair , the booth of “Plum Blossom lock industry”  rush to call a few customers, with muc of foreign investors.
The “plum lock” come from PuJiang which its technical level has well known to leading the position “lock king” in China. More than 300 kinds of copper, iron, steel products in the  20 series are exported to Europe, the Middle East and other 30 countries and regions.
In the range of various types of locks samples, a Spanish merchants , a west coase Franco and the others three are sitting discuss with the sales staff . Through an interpreter to know this is the first time they come to yiwu , had just attended the Canton Fair, Yesterday arrived in Yiwu and visted yiwu International Trade City right away . The first impression to Yiwu market is really big, really numerous products,  many good product. They do hardware business, gived a deep impressed on the plum blossom lock , the two sides have met at the Canton Fair,After another study and understanding, orders are ready to gived.
The Francisco, who just left, there are several  Middle East guests approached “plum” lock … …

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