Yiwu wedding dress

Yiwu wedding dress

Speaking of Yiwu wedding dress, we cannot forget the 2011 Yiwu wedding dress& photographic equipment expo. From 2nd to 4th, July, it was held in Yiwu Meihu expo center. That is the first time for Yiwu to held expo about wedding products which attracting Japan, South Korean and hundreds of companies in our country.

Why it choose Yiwu? According to the statistics, most people who get married would rather lease the wedding dress than buy one around the Asia countries. But compared to Japan and South Korean, China has 40% people purchase wedding dress. 

Yiwu market has a lot of advantages which owns many upstream supply enterprises like fabric products, lace accessories and cloth products. And the way of supply is more flexible. Up to now, Yiwu wedding dress market mostly located in Yiwu Huangyuan market. Although, Yiwu hasn’t bridal dress factory, the bridal accessories like gloves, fashion jewelry and accessories are all superior products in Yiwu. So Yiwu wedding dress market has huge potential. 

Depending on the Yiwu exhibition, many famous brands abroad came to Yiwu like Zio from America. The competition outside stipulate the Yiwu wedding dress grow quickly. If you want to build part of this market, please come to us, Amanda will give you the most professional advices. If you want to wholesale wedding dress in Yiwu please contact us, we can provide you the best quality and price.

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