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Yiwu wedding dress

Yiwu wedding dress Speaking of Yiwu wedding dress, we cannot forget the 2011 Yiwu wedding dress& photographic equipment expo. From 2nd to 4th, July, it was held in Yiwu Meihu expo center. That is the first time for Yiwu to held expo about wedding products which attracting Japan, South Korean and hundreds of companies in […]

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A Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress

  A Traditional Chinese Wedding Dress  In the famous movie In the Mood for Love, we were extremely expressed by the clothes the heroine wears. Those are traditional garments in China; we call this kind of garment cheongsam. The cheongsam is a body-hugging (modified in Shanghai) one-piece Chinese dress for women; the male version is […]

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White wedding dress and colorful wedding dress

  White wedding dress and colorful wedding dress Marriage may be a quite necessary ceremony. Each bride wishes her huge morning exclusive wedding dress. The ceremony white wedding dress is said to start from 19th century the Queen Victoria time, and then become the first choice for marriage. The bride marriage should only choose a […]

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Enjoy Marrying in Yiwu

  Enjoy Marrying in Yiwu Wearing the holy white wedding gown, walking hand in hand with the groom, touching closely with the nature, those are the most beautiful moments in one's life. The photographer put the new couple the most natural, the most moving moment freeze frame. "Traveling in the dress” becomes a new fashion […]

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