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Taobao Agent Services * Overcome the obstacle of shopping in China
* Enjoy the local citizen cheap price
* Order consolidation to save international shipping cost
* Solve the payment problem
* Solve the quality problem and refund before shipping to you is No.1 C2C e-commerce site in Asia. It has all sorts of things for sale at unbeatable prices.  Many oversea customers buy from Taobao – China’s largest Internet retail website Launched in 2003, Taobao ( is the largest Internet retail website in China with more than 75 percent of the Chinese-domestic online consumer market. It provides the most comprehensive product offering ranging from collectibles and hard-to-find items to mainstream retail categories such as consumer electronics, clothing and accessories, sporting goods and household products. It serves nearly 100 million registered users and more than 1.5 million sellers have opened up stores on Taobao. In 2008, Alibaba Group announced it will be investing more than US$700 million in Taobao in the next five years.
Annual transaction volume on Taobao (gross merchandise volume or GMV) reached nearly US$15 billion in 2008, expanding at a three-year compounded annual growth rate of more than 150 percent and exceeding the largest retailer in China in transaction volume. According to government statistics, Taobao’s GMV equaled approximately one percent of China’s total retail trade in 2008. Taobao is the primary online shopping destination for the largest online population in the world. Why you need taobao agent? 1) Most of the sellers in Taobao are individuals who are most likely not well versed in English. So unless you know Chinese, mis-communication is bound to happen and money will be wasted as a result.
2) Most of the sellers have no experience in international shipping. Even if they do international shipping, you may be buying from many different sellers, and you will not be able to save shipping cost from combined shipping.
3) Credit card has yet to penetrate China to the extent that it can be a common online payment method, so most online stores in China do not accept VISA, Mastercard or American Express. Although Paypal does have a presence in China, it charges outrageous withdrawal fee for international payment, so sellers are unwilling to accept payment by Paypal.
We are providing a shopping assistance service for all who want to buy products from For our taobao agent service you can get: 1) Communicating with the Seller
2) Ensuring that you get the correct color or style
3) Providing common-Taobao-sense advice
4) Translating of product details
5) Help searching for what you want in Chinese
6) Checking the items for damage or defect
7) Photographing your products and email the pictures to you for confirmation
9) Dealing with returns and exchanges
10) Repackaging items to ensure safe shipment or reduce weight Step: 1) You choose products on
2) Send products links to us (include color , size , quantity ,etc )
3) Confirm your order, we will reply cost for you.
4) Pay money to our account.
5) We buy items from seller to our company in Yiwu. (1-2days)
6) Then we will send items to your address. (7-10days) Service fee: 1) Service fees : 10% of items price .
2) Item price RMB350 or below, the service fee is RMB35 (US$5)
3) More than RMB350 : 10% of item price + Domestic shipping price
4) Insurance (optional): 5% of whole cost
5) Total = (items price + domestic shipping + sevice fee + international shipping + insurance(optional) ) For example You buy RMB1000 worth of goods, including china postage. The goods weight 3kg. and your live in USA. Check International shipping cost form calculate the shipping cost will be 120+(5*38)=310RMB Exchange Rate is 1CNY = 0.15USD
If payment use Western Union, Wire Transfer,
total payment= [(RMB1000 x 1.1)+ international postage] x exchange rate (0.15)
Total payment=(1100+310) x 0.15 = US$211.5
If payment use Paypal
total payment= [(RMB1000 x 1.1)+ international postage] x exchange rate (0.15)
Total payment=(1100+310) x 0.15 x 1.04 (paypal fees ) = US$219.96 Intl Shipping 1) We will give you a huge discount of the EMS website about 50%
2) We use UPS DHL TNT EMS FEDEX for express international shipping
3) We also accept normal air mail and Ocean shipping What we do for the service fee 1) Contact the seller by – Phone / QQ / WangWang / Email, to ensure – item availability / sizes / colors / styles / sets / etc
2) Advise you regarding seller credibility, forseeable custom problems, etc
3) General translation of product details
4) Search the items you want for you, especially if you do not know the Chinese language
5) Check the items for damage upon arrival
6) Photograph the items (packaging & items inside), and send the pictures to you immediately via email
7) Repackage the item(s) to ensure safe shipment or to reduce weight (save shipment cost)
8) Provide significant discount on international shipping (huge savings for you)
9) In case the seller shipped the wrong item, we will deal with the return on your behalf
10) Actually, much of our job is performed before you pay anything. So please feel free to contact us to try our service!
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