Yiwu Industrie

Yiwu Industrie In recent years, Yiwu City vigorously implemented the "commercial promote the development of the yiwu industrie", "trade and industry linkage" strategy, advancing with the times, blazing new trails, industrial economy gained rapid development . It was not only become the main motive force of yiwu national economic and society, but also provide a […]

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Yiwu international Limited

Yiwu international Limited yiwu international limited is a trade service company. People follows the principles of "high prestige, quality product, first-class service" as its motto and has created the enterprise's spirit of "unifying, striving, practicing, renovating, " further they have obtained extensive appreciation from customers inside and outside China by terms of their own hard […]

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Stationery marches forward to high grade

Several thouthands dollars of schoolbags, a few hundreds of stationery, and all kinds of expensive digital products…. With the beginning of schools, many parents are preparing school supplies for their children. And some parents hope their children can be more economical orally, but they are squeezed to buy expensive stationeries for their children, in fear […]

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