Yiwu Industrie

Yiwu Industrie In recent years, Yiwu City vigorously implemented the "commercial promote the development of the yiwu industrie", "trade and industry linkage" strategy, advancing with the times, blazing new trails, industrial economy gained rapid development . It was not only become the main motive force of yiwu national economic and society, but also provide a […]

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Futian market in Yiwu

  Futian market in Yiwu It is known to us all that YIwu has many markets, and Chinatown wholesale market are also gather there. However, it is the same as in Futian market in Yiwu. Futian market in Yiwu is very popular, and it is long attract by the world customers. Everyday, Yiwu futian market is full with the […]

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