Yiwu, Hangzhou

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Yiwu, Hangzhou

Yiwu, Hangzhou are town of Zhejiang province, Hangzhou is the provincial capital.
Yiwu is the first state-level pilot comprehensive reform city of Zhejiang province, and also the first county level of comprehensive reform pilot approved by the state council. The businessman in Yiwu is more than Hang Zhou, but the scenery in Hang Zhou is beautiful than Yiwu.
How Can I Go to Yiwu from My Country? This question is asked by the people who want to come to Yiwu, you may first arrive to Hang Zhou, and than transfer to Yiwu, Hang Zhou to Yiwu will take two hours. The easiest way would be getting someone to pick you up from Hang Zhou Xiao Shan Airport, then a 1.5 hour’s drive to Yiwu directly. The car is 7 seats Buick GL8 MPV. The rate is 350CNY (50USD) per car.
Hangzhou to Yiwu by bus
There are many airport buses from Hangzhou airport to Yiwu.
Hangzhou to Yiwu By flight
No plane from hangzhou to yiwu.
Hangzhou to Yiwu by train
Fast train. But you should come to Hangzhou train station from Hangzhou airport.
Yiwu and Hang Zhou is the most famous city in Zhejiang, welcome you come to Yiwu market, and Hang Zhou for travelling.

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