Yiwu foreigners
When you are wondering in the yiwu street, you can easily find different colors of people around you. Yiwu is a city that you can hardly find on the map of the world, but 200 thousand foreigners gathering here. Obviously they are attracted by the huge Yiwu market and potential opportunities.
Yiwu international trade city maybe is the busiest place where foreigners flowing in the street. Yiwu has already become an international city. Matching with this situation, many kinds of Yiwu agents developed quickly. For their living environment, government has established an “Exotic Street where foreigners are relatively concentrated. There they can meet their country fellow easily.
So Yiwu is not only a place for you to do business but also an easy living city. We are all here to welcome your presence. Yiwu also have much hotels, before you come to Yiwu, contact us, we could reserve Yiwu hotel for you!