Yiwu exotic street

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Yiwu exotic street

Yiwu exotic street is located in binwang commercial and trade subzone ,east to thick state north ,south to chemical road,west to worker north ,north to three pretty road . It is made up of of 8 streets ,covers an area of 350 thousand sq.m ,and appear with reticulation distribution.At present,it mainly manage catering ,entertainment and clothing ,it also have a portion which manage cloth wholesale,its commecial atmosphere thicker.

Every night exotic street to car to flashing neon lights,very lively.When you walk into exotic street,the pure steamed restauant,Korean cuisine,japanese cuisine,churrasco,south korea karaoke and so on ,rows ,full eyball.while you are here,you can feel a strong exotic amorous feelings ,enchanting spectacular.

To make the foreign merchants in yiwu life work better,municipal government in creating an international trade city, held foreign symposium regularly,invite foreigners to municipal government ideas,give each department work allocation,work hard to create supportive of comprehensive social environment with foreign development,meanwhile,from living on such details asked questions diet,according to different countries concerned foreign diet and lifestyle ,leave no stone unturned to create in yiwu,let the foreign merchants to open a restaurant.according to different countries merchants diet culture religious folk customs ,overall planning,by the municipal government built can accommodate 5000 people of muslim temple,maximum satisfy customers all over the world diet and cultural life needs.

In the interview, 1001nights manager wangchuanzheng excitedly say :we only this restaurnt in beijing shanghai and guangzhou opened four ,yiwu is the fifth stores here business is really quite good ,because we are acting and catering to combine the Arab guest outsides ,still have a phase

Good business and living environment and make permanment the foreign here,feel in love with this vibrant city .They not only in here to buy a house ,car ,settle  down and obsessed with Chinese culture many foreign the daytime see sample group goods,evening to training in learning Chinese as soon as possible,try to blend in yiwu this big family his overflowing!

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