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Yiwu foreigners

Yiwu foreigners When you are wondering in the yiwu street, you can easily find different colors of people around you. Yiwu is a city that you can hardly find on the map of the world, but 200 thousand foreigners gathering here. Obviously they are attracted by the huge Yiwu market and potential opportunities. Yiwu international […]

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Yiwu Market Agent

Yiwu Market Agent Yiwu market agent now has become quite common in Yiwu commodity city. As the commodity market developed, a lot of market agents emerge as the times require. Yiwu market agent vary in some different patterns, including purchasing agent, sourcing agent, shipping agent and so on. The former two are similar; they both […]

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A new industry appeared–repair old toys

Nowadays, the consumption of children toys occupied a large amount of your home’s expend, and often, it will be a big number. But, children always damage the toys and the stores are not guaranteed to repair, which is a big trouble for parents. Thus, someone has found that open up a store to repair damaged […]

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