Yiwu Fair Set up A “Tourism Carnival”

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Yiwu Fair Set Up A “Tourism Carnival”

During the exhibition, a total of 165 tourist groups came to Yiwu

On October 25, 44 Malaysian tourists organized by China Kanghui Nanking International Travel Service visited the Pavilion of the 16th Yiwu Fair. This is the last team of foreign tourists that came to visit the Fair. According to statistics of Yiwu tourism sector, the city has hosted 165 domestic and foreign tourist groups with a number of 5333 people that participated in the Fair, shopping and touring in five days. Yiwu Fair has set up a giant exhibition “Travel Carnival” for domestic and foreign tourists.

Yiwu MICE tourism is similar to shopping tourism in that both experienced going out of nothing and developing from small to large. Now it has formed a batch of professional exhibitons such as Yiwu Fair, Cultural Fair, Tourism Commodities Fair, Forest Fair etc. that have gained some awareness at home and abroad. In recent years, as the number of shopping and touring tourists is growing larger and larger year by year, Yiwu has made the best use of tourist atmosphere, extending market shopping to MICE tourism so as to form an industrial chain between Yiwu market and pavilions. In order to attract more tourist groups to participate in MICE exhibitions, Yiwu also drew up corresponding group incentives to encourage travel agencies in various regions to actively organize tourists to come to Yiwu. Besides, some travel agencies in Yiwu have also developed their own marketing initiatives by offering “a coordinated process “service, doing everything possible to meet the guests’ needs of eating, sheltering, transportation and travelling so as to promote more travel agencies to build up partnership with Yiwu.

As a new developed tourism territory, MICE tourism has now become a new growth aspect of tourism in the city, which is like budding flowers coming out into colorful flowers that attact domestic and foreign tourists to come one after another. It is recorded that the 16th Yiwu Fair has attracted 34 foreign tourist groups with a total of 812 tourists. Some foreign tourists not only visited the exhibition hall but also insisted on putting up in the city in order to do shopping in the International Trade City the next day.

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