Yiwu Nightlife

Yiwu has an excellent nightlife scene with a large choice of bars and nightclubs to be enjoyed.
The exotic street is theThe exotic street most abundant nightlife area,there have beyond count Restaurant,Bars & Clubs.You can go to the Arab restaurants pumping Shisha, you can go to enjoy the Disco KTV bars’ smoking HOT Gril, or go to leisure place take a massage etc..
Bars and Nightclubs that contribute to Yiwu’s nightlife
ADD:Binwang RD.
ADD:No.311,Huagong RD. Dubai Club
Egypt Queen
ADD:No.135,North Chenzhong RD.
Paris Spring Bar
ADD:No.133,North Chenzhong RD.
Yimei Club
ADD:F1,Yimei Plaza,No.128,Chenzhong RD.
The 2008 Club
ADD:1/F,Times Building,Jiangdong RD.
coffee shop in Yiwu
Coffee Shop
Foreign businessmen enjoy their Shisha in Yiwu
Foreign businessmen enjoy their Shisha in Yiwu

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