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Yiwu Nine categories food sample pass rate reach 95.48 percent

Recently, Yiwu industry and commercial bureau issued the test report on products, the report is for the quality and safety checking. Last month, Yiwu industry and commercial bureau have carried out 698 times around 10248 batch of samples from big malls,supermarkets, focusing vars consumed vegetables, fruits, grain products, salted products, soy products, and other nine […]

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Yiwu E-commerce Industry

Yiwu E-commerce Industry Yiwu e-commerce industry was started in 2001 year, now it has made great achievements. According to incomplete statistics, in 2010 year, the e-commerce industry foreign trade sales 40 billion RMB, domestic sales 100 billion RMB. Now Yiwu e-commerce industry has become the world’s most densely populated e-commerce industrial parks after 10 years […]

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