Yiwu China commodity city

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Yiwu China commodity city
Yiwu is famous as the whole of China and even Asia’s largest distribution center for small commodities. Chinese people know Yiwu as China commodity city. Most visitors regard Yiwu as a huge market. If you are a businessman, here will be your paradise.
In resent 30 year, local people and government devote all to build China Yiwu international trade city. The trade city has 5 districts now, there are more than 70,000 showrooms and about 10 million commodities are in the city. Most of the product can be exported. Every district has different commodity items. For example, the 5 district offers import products, bedding, auto parts, and so on. If you know what you want to look for, that will be easier to find the place exactly.
If you come for purchasing, you’d better hire a translator or an agent in Yiwu China commodity city. That could be much helpful. The Yiwu agent could pick up you at shanghai, Hangzhou, Yiwu airport, help you reserving Yiwu hotel and searching goods in Yiwu China Commodity city etc.

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