Yiwu auto parts market

by | Mar 9, 2012 | Yiwu Products

Yiwu auto parts market
Yiwu auto parts market also named Yiwu auto parts Professional Street. The development situation of Yiwu auto parts market is so gratifying since it opened on business in 2006. If you are trying to comprehend Yiwu auto parts market, this essay will give you a general impression.
Yiwu auto parts market is a close neighbor of Yiwu International Trade City market district one. In yiwu auto parts market there are six trade distracts include: “auto supplies, auto parts area hardware area, fast repair decoration area, foreign trade business district, and decoration supplies area. At present there are about 500 stores and large amount of national well-known brands come together in Yiwu auto parts market.
No matter you are searching auto parts or want to wholesale auto motors, it should be a smart chose to let us be your agent in Yiwu.
The new Yiwu auto parts market is located in 4th floor, 5th district of China Yiwu international trade city.
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