Yiwu China Futian market

Yiwu China Futian market Yiwu China Futian market is another name of Yiwu international trade city, or Yiwu market. There are totally 5 districts up to now. There is another article introduce district 1 to district 4, you can get full information by reading that article named Yiwu Futian market. This essay will give you […]

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Yiwu China commodity city

Yiwu China commodity city Yiwu is famous as the whole of China and even Asia’s largest distribution center for small commodities. Chinese people know Yiwu as China commodity city. Most visitors regard Yiwu as a huge market. If you are a businessman, here will be your paradise. In resent 30 year, local people and government […]

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Yiwu fall and winter apparelFair opening

Since yesterday the 12-day Yiwu fall and winter apparel Fair 2011 was officially opened. Ended on December 19. More than 600 businesses joined the exhibition mostly are come from Guangdong, Fujian, Jiangsu, Beijing,Shanghai and Hong Kong’s well-known manufacturers and businesses, nearly thousands of products to choose from. You can find all kinds of cashmere fur, […]

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