Where is Yiwu china located?

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Where is Yiwu china located?
“Where is Yiwu China located? Where is Yiwu? What is Yiwu market?” those question asked by the businessman who hearted that Yiwu China have a famous small commodity market, before they came to Yiwu, to getting some Yiwu city info to recognize Yiwu. Or the people who curious the reason of the small Yiwu have an international trade city.
First I will answer the question where Yiwu China located? China is an Asia country, Yiwu is belong to ZheJiang province of China, the distant of Yiwu to Hangzhou which is the ZheJiang province capital just two hours car. And Yiwu to one of the biggest China Economic center cities shanghai city is 300 km.
When you want to know where is Yiwu China located? You must know there is a market city, which calls Yiwu China international trade city, it is divided into five districts; the shop inner the market shows 410,000 Kinds of Consumer Goods.

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