Yiwu can apply for industrial production license

Yiwu Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau of Quality Supervision and Inspection Bureau officially began accepting applications for the production license of industrial products business since the day before yesterday. Previously, Yiwu enterprises apply for industrial products production license, the application processing and on-site verification of the processes are implemented through Jinhua quality supervision department, which brought […]

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“Walk Zhoushan” rapid development of business

Since the release of clearance mode “New train” between Zhoushan and Yiwu, Yiwu enterprises gradual warming with the “new line” . According to Yiwu customs statistics, in August had been away  363 votes from the Zhoushan Yiwu is the largest export base for commodities in the world, while Zhoushan is a state-level new area owning deep-water harbors. Recently Hangzhou Customs has opened a special green path between Yiwu and Zhoushan by implementing […]

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Zhejiang province

Have you heard zhejiang province? zhejiang province is a province located in China’s southeast coast. it is the best economic city in China. Zhejiang province is still relatively well-developed transportation,The end of 2007, Zhejiang province mileage of 99,812 km, highway density is 98 km / 100 square kilometers, accounting for more than two highway mileage of […]

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