Zhejiang province

The weather in yiwu city

  The weather in yiwu city Yiwu belongs to Zhejiang province,and Zhejiang province is located at the south of china.so the weather is according to the four seasons. In spring,the temperature is around 23 degrees,it is very comfortable,sometimes it will rain,but it is not very big,it it the spring rain.their purpose is that waking us up that […]

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Your World International Conference Center

Your World International Conference Center Are you looking for a special and peaceful place to enjoy the beautiful landscape and relax yourself all by yourself during your long trip? So come to Yiwu Your World International Conference Center, and you will soon find you make a nice choice.  Your World International Conference Center is located […]

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Where is Yiwu?

Where is Yiwu? Where is Yiwu? It’s here. Yiwu is located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang province, China. It is in the east of China, which is face to the east sea. It is in the middle place of Zhejiang province. Where is Yiwu? It’s here, Yiwu own the biggest wholesale market, and thousands of products […]

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China yiwu international trade city

China yiwu international trade city China Yiwu international trade city is located in Yiwu city, Zhejiang province, China. Yiwu international trade city develop as the trend of the society, and it is build the new concept of the special market in the world.  China Yiwu international trade city takes the concept of scientific design, modernized […]

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Yiwu time

Yiwu time Yiwu time is rather different when compared with the world country, there has many different countries in the world and the world time is different one country from another. Since the earth is round and the time zone between two countries are very different. However, Yiwu time is the same with Beijing time. […]

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Yiwu international market

Yiwu international market Yiwu international market is the biggest wholesale market in China and it goes with the trend of the world. It is honored as ‘Five Star Market” in Zhejiang province. And it also enjoys a high reputation in the world.  Yiwu international market has five divisions in total, and it is very big and […]

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Yiwu city

Yiwu city is more than a beautiful and clean city in Zhejiang province, China, but also the important city in the world economics development. It is the biggest small commodities city in the world. It enjoys high reputations for the sea of small commodities, the paradise for shoppers. The weather in Yiwu city is very […]

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Yiwu suitcase

If your business lies in wholesaling suitcase for clients, Yiwu suitcases and bags market will never let you down in Zhejiang province. Yiwu suitcase market is seated on the first floor of the international trade city of 2 districts (on the 1st and 4th floor). Most of the suitcase is black, because this color is […]

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Yiwu zippers

Yiwu zippers Yiwu zipper with modern fashion style has already been a beautiful scenery line in our daily life. As its simple shape and convenient functions, attract the humans'love .Yiwu zippers can be easily found in Yiwu market, ZheJiang province, which is located on the 3rd floor of international trade city district 3.  If you […]

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Yiwu eyewear wholesaler

Yiwu eyewear wholesaler If you are looking for a supplier who can offer you eyewear with good quality and price, the Yiwu eyewear wholesalers will be you suitable choice. Yiwu eyewear wholesalers always have their own booth in international trade city district 3. The location of Yiwu eyewear & sunglasses market is on the 3rd […]

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