The weather in yiwu city


The weather in yiwu city

Yiwu belongs to Zhejiang province,and Zhejiang province is located at the south of the weather is according to the four seasons.

In spring,the temperature is around 23 degrees,it is very comfortable,sometimes it will rain,but it is not very big,it it the spring rain.their purpose is that waking us up that we are still in this season you can imagine that:when the  breeze blows over your cheek,it is like that your mother touch against of your cheek with full of love of her hand.the mother of land are feeding her children to grow up day by ,the land are full of the breath of life,that is the life of people.everything start from here.that is our new is our hope.

In summer,the temperature is a little high, sometimes it will be 40 degrees.the normal temperature is around 35 degrees. sometimes it will have rainstorm,but it will not infect our life and work,adverse,after raining,it will be very comfortable.

And in autumn,the temperature is just as spring,the difference is that it will be more raining,and all the thing are mature,it is our good harvest season.

In winter,sometimes it will snow,when the temperature is minus zero.every year will snow,but some times it will not very big,and sometimes the land will have the snow cover.during this season,you need get some warm clothes.then you will feel better and enjoy the season.

In a word,you can feel different season in yiwu.

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